Online Prescription – Featuring “Best Practice Guidelines”

Simple, instant orthotic prescription means no more time spent on physical paperwork and mailing costs. Whether it’s a new prescription or a repeat, you’ll find it practical, easy to use and secure to protect client data. It’s all of the options of our prescription pads minus the postage! Better yet, this is a FREE service to all of our clients.

Now its even better with our new Best Practice Guidelines; developed by us and exclusive for our clients, BPG is a tool to aid podiatrists in the challenging area of orthotic prescription. We’ve compiled prescription variables that have been found to be effective in managing specific pathologies as supported by clinical evidence.  It’s not a template system, rather it relies on Podiatrists completing the custom orthotic prescription intuitively, considering Patient Specific Factors in each case.  Ganley Orthotic’s mission is to help Podiatrists gain confidence in prescribing custom orthotics and to keep them informed of the latest clinical evidence surrounding orthotic prescription.  Best Practice Guidelines help us achieve this and its yet another benefit of being a client of New Zealand’s leading orthotics lab.

Free to all of our clients!

  • Individual podiatrist login
  • Simple and efficient prescribing of your custom made orthotics
  • Each prescription is downloadable for your reference
  • Email confirmation on submission
  • Secure information storage
  • Easy to review previous prescriptions
  • Can be used with both 3D scanning and foam/plaster casting

iPad 3D Foot Scanner

Your iPad can now be easily used to 3D scan your patients feet in seconds with the addition of two components: a Structure Sensor and a foot scanning App called AOMS TOT.  Scanning takes 10-20 seconds per foot and a 3D image of the foot can then be viewed on screen. 3D files can be emailed to Ganley Orthotics or uploaded through our website.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • No mess!
  • No expenses in freight and ongoing material purchase
  • Image capture time between 10-20 seconds – all user dependent
  • Comfortable for the patient
  • Time efficient for the podiatrist

Keeping with Tradition

For us, technology is amazing.  We are constantly evaluating what’s new in the fast moving world of orthotic technology.  However, we realise that new technology is merely a tool to help us apply our years of experience and knowledge to every pair of orthotics we make.

We work with Plaster of Paris and Foam box impression casts because not all orthotics are able to be made on CAD systems.  We can use traditional plaster modifying skills and experience to create plaster positive moulds as needed.