Ganley Orthotics has partnered with Paris Orthotics to bring the Carbon Fibre Spring Plate to New Zealand. This is a simple and effective solution for limiting motion across the forefoot and aiding propulsion which can be used to treat a range of pathologies. Available in 4 sizes, the plate is fitted under the sock-liner, or under an orthosis inside the shoe.


  • Extremely thin, light and durable made from premium quality pre-preg carbon
  • Pre-shaped left or right and available in 4 sizes
  • Contoured design to provide ideal toe spring and heel elevation for most athletic, walking and orthopaedic footwear designs
  • Excellent interface with custom foot orthotics
  • A practical alternative to some common shoe modifications

Clinical Indications

  • Management solution for conditions including turf toe, forefoot stress fractures, sesamoiditis and Lisfranc injuries.
  • Protection and toe off assistance for pathologies affecting the midfoot and forefoot including rheumatoid arthritis, structural hallux limitus or rigidus, Freiberg’s disease, diabetes and forefoot amputations.
  • Post-surgical care option when transitioning from post-op shoe to regular footwear after bunion, hammertoe and other forefoot surgeries.

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XS 239 mm L
S 259 mm L
M 279 mm L
L 298 mm L
XS 239 mm R
S 259 mm R
M 279 mm R
L 298 mm R

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