What we’re doing during the COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown

The level 4 lockdown during this COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for all New Zealand businesses.  We fully support the lockdown and encourage non-essential workers to stay home and stay safe.

Our lab is closed and our staff are at home with their families, but Paula and Tim are still working “on” the business and we’re available to take any inquiries you may have or to discuss new ideas and initiatives.

We do have stock of Trithotics and materials on hand and we can arrange for these to be sent to you for urgent needs.

During the lockdown period we think it’s an ideal time to learn more about what we do at Ganley Orthotics.  If you and your team would like Tim to host a webinar to update you on orthotics prescribing or technology, please get in touch.  We’re here to help.

Best wishes, Tim.

Industry Leaders in New Zealand Orthotics

Situated on Auckland’s North shore, we’re proud to be the industry leaders in New Zealand foot orthoses. We won’t settle for anything less than being able to deliver orthotics of the highest calibre with exacting function and performance.

The key to our quality orthotics is the non-virtual, non-automated, real air-breathing podiatrists and technicians that work on every prescription, thoroughly checking each stage of production.

Experience sets us apart; in fact, 25 years of podiatric experience that our full-time in-house podiatrists bring to each and every prescription. We are always on hand to give advice about what prescription variables and which materials best suit your patient.

Contact us today to get leading foot orthoses for your patients, delivered with excellent service.

 Are you a practitioner? 

 Our promise

Our commitment to you

Our relationship with you is our top priority. It should be easy, efficient and hassle-free.

Hand-crafted orthotics, every time

Each prescription is checked and designed by our in house podiatrists. Nothing automated or standardized, ever.

Superior biomechanical knowledge

When it comes to biomechanics, our 25 years’ experience means we’ve got you covered. We strive to address your patients’ symptoms the best ways we know how and in accordance to current evidence and thinking.

Fast turnaround

We aim for 5 business days with options available for urgent orders.

Cutting edge technology

We use the latest technology and innovation to create the finest device for you and your patients.

We understand

From our clinical background, we understand how important it is to provide your patients with quality, effective and professional devices that you’re proud to dispense.